【インタビュー】「SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO 2015」オーガナイザー、“David Adams a.k.a LAZERBEAT”、“James York a.k.a Cheapshot” インタビュー

  • 2015.09.17

2015年9月26・27日(土・日)に開催を控えた「SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO 2015」のオーガナイザー、David Adams a.k.a LAZERBEATJames York a.k.a Cheapshotにインタビュー。
「SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO」開催の経緯や秘話などを大公開! An interview with the organisers of SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO 2015: David Adams a.k.a LAZERBEAT and James York a.k.a Cheapshot. They reveal all about Square Sounds Tokyo from how it started to backstage happenings!

前回の「SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO 2014」の感想をまずお聞かせください。Tell us how you feel about last years SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO 2014
David Adams a.k.a LAZERBEAT(以下、David):ずっと前から見たかったアーティストに出演してもらえて嬉しかったです。 It was just amazing to have the artists I’ve wanted to see for a long time perform in Tokyo.
James York a.k.a Cheapshot(以下、York):動員数も前回より上回っていました。あとは前夜祭、後夜祭含め4日間の開催だったのでとてもハードでしたね。We had a few more people helping out last time, so things went really smoothly. Still, four days of partying (including the pre and post parties) really took it out of me.
お二人が「SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO」のオーガナイザーになった経緯を教えてください。How did you become the organisers of SQUARE SOUNDS?
York:Davidが2009年にニューヨークで開催された「BLIP FESTIVAL」に遊びに行って、その時「BLIP FESTIVAL」のオーガナイザーであったNullsleepBit Shifterに、このイベントを東京でもやりたいと申し出たのがきっかけです。David went to BLIP FESTIVAL which was held in New York in 2009 and met the organisers, Nullsleep and Bit Shifter. He mentioned that he’d like to bring the same kind of event to Tokyo and it went from there really.
David:人生で初めてイベントのオーガナイズをしたのが「BLIP FESTIVAL TOKYO 2010」です。Yeah, the first festival I’d ever organised in my life was BLIP FESTIVAL TOKYO 2010.
York:そして2回目の開催「BLIP FESTIVAL TOKYO 2011」の時に、僕が翻訳のお手伝い等で関わるようになって、3回目に開催の「BLIP FESTIVAL TOKYO 2012」からは完全に二人でオーガナイズする形になりました。そして「BLIP FESTIVAL TOKYO 2013」で一度「BLIP FESTIVAL TOKYO」は終了になったのですが、何か続けたいと言うことで「SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO」として続けていくことになりました。After BLIP TOKYO 2010, I got involved as a translator to help out with the bookings for Japanese artists. Then for BLIP TOKYO 2012 I became a full organiser with David and the New York team. That was unfortunately the last ever BLIP event, so from 2013 we have both been running the event in Tokyo as SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO.
当時Davidはニューヨークに住んでいたのですか?So were you living in New York at that time David?
David:いえ、僕は当時日本に住んでいて、Youtubeでニューヨークの「BLIP FESTIVAL」の様子の動画を見て興味を持ちました。そしてBLIPを見るために、オーストラリアのチップチューンイベント「SoundBytes 」のオーガナイザーと一緒にニューヨークへ行きました。そして日本での「BLIP FESTIVAL」の開催が実現し、今に至ります。 No, I was in Japan then. I saw a video on YouTube of BLIP FESTIVAL and got really interested in going. So, I got together with some of the organisers of an Australian chiptune event: SoundBytes and went to New York. After that I started BLIP TOKYO and the rest is history!
お二人はいつから日本にお住まいですか?When did you both start living in Japan?
David:2000年からです。Since 2000.
日本に住む前からチップチューンはご存知でしたか?Did you know about chiptune before you came to Japan?
DavidYork:いえ、知りませんでした。No, we didn’t!
David:当時「Lo-Bit Playground」が吉祥寺で開催されていて、それで知りました。I learnt about it from the event that used to be held in Kichijoji: Lo-Bit Playground.
オーガナイズをする上でお二人の役割は決まっていますか?Do you have roles within the organisation of SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO?
僕が「顔」でDavidは「脳」です(笑)。Yeah, I’m in charge of booking and corresponding with the Japanese artists. David looks after the internationals.
I also did the live audio stream for the last two years.
David is in charge of finances. Oh, and I’m in charge of getting the crowd going!
I’m the face, David is the brain. Hahaha.

海外のチップチューンイベントと、日本のチップチューンイベントに違いはあると思いますか?Do you think there is a difference between chiptune events in Japan and those overseas?
あとは音源の種類も違いますね。FM音源は海外ではほとんど知られていませんが、日本ではFM音源を使って曲を作る人が多いですね。I think there is a difference in age of the audience. There seems to be a larger proportion of teenagers that attend the events in places like Australia or New York.
I think the hardware being used differs also. In Japan there are a lot of artist that use FM hardware, but overseas, it doesn’t seem to be used as much.
海外ではどんな音源が多いですか?So what do you find more overseas then?
York:ヨーロッパはAMIGAとATARI。アメリカはゲームボーイ。日本はFM音源が多い印象ですね。 I think Europe tends to favour the Amiga or Atari. then, maybe the Gameboy in the States. The use of FM hardware is bigger in Japan.
David:あとアメリカはすごく広いので、シーンが離れ離れに存在していますが、日本はアーティストの密度が高いです。あと物販の内容も違いますね。日本ではCDを売りますが、海外だと売ることは少ないし、売ったとしても売れないですね。海外では曲データの入ったUSBを売ったりする方が多いです。あとはBandcampのコードをイベントで売って、グッズと連動させるという方法でグッズを展開しているアーティストもいます。Also, because the US is so big, you have isolated scenes around the country. Japan has a large density of artists all close together. I think the merchandise differs, too. In Japan CDs are really popular, but overseas, people also sell USB sticks with their tunes on, or download codes for places like Bandcamp. These codes are often connected to other merchandise like figures or other oddities.
毎回出演アーティストが30人を超えますが、これだけの人数のアーティストをオーガナイズするのはとても大変だと思うのですが、何か苦労話はありますか?There are always more than 30 artists that play SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO, so I’m sure it’s hard work to keep on top of all that. Do you have any particular tales relating to that?
David:ポーランドから出演したアーティストが、日本で機材を揃えるつもりで来て機材を持って来なかったんです。結局うまく機材が揃わなくて、トラブルも続いてあれは大変でしたね。We had an artist from Poland come over with the plan of buying equipment in Japan. However he wasn’t able to get all of the equipment he wanted and there was even some trouble with the gear he did get… Still, all went OK on the day..!
York:あとは遅刻だったり(笑)。Yeah, and things like artists being late… Hahaha.
David:でも5年以上続けていると、どんなトラブルが起きるか大体想像つくので、こちらでいざという時に代わりに使える機材や、電池、変圧器、電源アダプターの用意をしてあります。以前、ライブ途中にChibi-Techちゃんが、その場ではんだ付けで機材を直してくれた、なんてこともありました(笑)。But having run this and BLIP for 5 years now, we are pretty much prepared for most problems. We have a large collection of batteries, adapters, transformers and other assorted goods. Last year, Chibi-Tech was literally soldering a piece of equipment just a few hours before the show!
逆に「SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO」の面白いエピソードはありますか?Do you have any interesting stories from behind the scenes?
David:みんなイベントが終わった後に一斉に風邪をひく。って現象があるんですが、それを「ブリップ インフルエンザ」って呼んでます(笑)。 Well there is a phenomenon straight after the event where everyone gets a cold. This has become known as “Blip Flu.”
York:あとはヨーロッパのチップチューンイベントEINDBAASのオーガナイザーが遊びに来た時に、彼がとても背が高いので、僕が彼に肩車してもらってうまい棒を配ったのは良い思い出です!A particularly memorable things for me at last year’s SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO was the organiser of EINDBAAS coming over to Japan. He is so tall, I had the mad idea of going to the nearest convenience store, buying a selection of snacks, getting on his shoulders and throwing them all out into the crowd. Good times!
出演アーティストを決めるときのポイントはありますか?How do you decide on which artists you want to play?
York:世界各国からアーティストを呼ぶので、出身国のバランスが良くなるように考えてます。We try to keep a balance between the countries that we call artists from.
David:あとは機材が少ない人ですね(笑)。And we try to choose artists that have as little equipment as possible.

今のチップチューンのシーンについての印象を教えてください。What do you think about the chip scene right now?
前回の日本人アーティストのブッキングは最高だと思ったので、悩みました。新しいアーティストを育てないといけないですね。I think it’s getting bigger, but I’m not sure. There don’t seem to be that many new artists coming out in Japan.
Last year’s SQUARE SOUNDS had the best Japanese artists we could have hoped for, and we try to rotate artists as much as possible so we were a little bit worried about this year’s event. We really should focus on getting new artists into the spotlight.
私はMIDI Trackerのワークショップをやったことあるので、またできたら良いなと思っています。There is a lot of interest in hardware development at the minute, though. cTrix is making software for the SNES which allows people to make music. I think those kinds of project are amazing. I’d like people to know about all these new tools that are being developed.
Also, I think a lot of chipmusic fans are not into specific genres of music like rock or pop, but like the sound aesthetic of chipmusic. I think that’s very different from other scenes.
I think it might be beneficial to start doing more chiptune workshops, too. So that new fans can learn how to make music with some of the trackers like LSDJ.
I’ve done a workshop on PIGGY Tracker before, so if I get the time and the opportunity, I’d like to do that again.
今後の「SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO」の展望をお聞かせください。What are your hopes for this year’s SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO?
York:赤字にならないこと(笑)。あとは運営が楽になると良いなと思います。Not losing money! And figuring out how to get the organisation as smooth as possible.
あと、運営については、最初はやり方が色々分からずにストレスが多かったのですが、何度か続けてきて、少しずつうまく運営できるようになってきたなと思っています。もっとたくさんの人にイベントを知ってもらえたら嬉しいです。 I’d like to get virt over to Japan at some time in the future. We’ve asked him a couple of times, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to work out anything yet.
Also, the first time I organised an event was very stressful because I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I feel more confident now. I’d like to try and work more on promotion though, to get as many people interested in the event as possible.
スタッフを増やす予定はないですか?Do you have any plans to increase the number of staff?
でも物販のスタッフとして何人かのアーティストに手伝ってもらったりしているので感謝しています。Hmmm… I think there would be more communication issues if we got more people involved.
Having said that, we are always extremely grateful for the help we get from the merch table staff. They do a stellar job!
CHIP UNIONを見ている方に一言お願いします。Do you have anything to say to CHIP UNION readers?
DavidYork:「SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO 2015」に是非遊びに来てください!Please come to SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO 2015!
York:チップチューンを作って、僕の主催するチップチューン・レーベルCheapbeatsからリリースしてください!Make awesome chiptune, and send me a demo at my chiptune label: Cheapbeats!!
David:「SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO」へリクエストがあれば、どんどん連絡ください! If you have any requests for SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO, please get in touch!

York & David、ありがとうございました!York & David, thanks a lot of speaking with me today.


Translation:James York a.k.a Cheapshot

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